Why use django-nested-admin?

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Nested inlines
Grappelli support      
Generic inlines support      
Drag-and-drop sorting        
Selenium Tests        
Django Suit support        

Above, you will find a feature comparison of all other implementations of nested inlines in the django admin of which I am aware. django-nested-inline, django-nested-inlines, and dj-nested-inlines are all variations upon a patch posted to Django ticket #9025. django-nested-inlines has had no commits since 2013 and appears to be abandoned, with dj-nested-inlines being a better maintained fork. It, along with django-nested-inline, are maintained insofar as the maintainers merge in pull requests and update PyPI, but they do not appear to be working on improving these implementations themselves. django-super-inlines is a fresher take on the problem, and looks to be more promising.

The largest functional difference between django-nested-admin and these other projects is its support for drag-and-drop sorting functionality within and between inlines, similar to Grappelli’s sortable inline feature (though it does not require Grappelli). It also has fairly extensive test coverage. And lastly django-nested-admin is and will remain an integral part of the CMS that powers TheAtlantic.com (and CityLab.com) where it is used by editors to curate the homepages, email newsletters, and landing pages for special projects and site sections (the way we used django-nested-admin to power the curation of TheAtlantic.com’s homepage was the subject of a talk we gave at the 2015 Djangocon).